Admission Procedure

  1. Obtain a student application and handbook from the school office. Give all required information.
  2. Submit the application and registration fee to the school office. Should a student not be accepted by the school after the registration fee has been paid, the fee would be refunded.     Otherwise, the registration fee is neither non-refundable nor transferable
  3. Acceptance is based upon the evaluation of previous school work. Entrance exams may be required to help determine final grade placement.
  4. Jr. and Sr. High school students (6th – 11th grades) are accepted at ACA on the basis of an interview with each family and a member of the administration.     All prospective students must be present during the interview. Parents, along with junior and senior high students, are required to sign a statement of cooperation expressing their support of the school’s program. A student who does not cooperate or agree with the purpose and the program of the school will not be admitted or allowed to remain in school.
  5. All students will be required to have a current certificate of immunization.
  6. Orientation will be held at the beginning of school.     Attendance is required to acquaint parents with the total school program and procedures.
  7. Home school students wanting to enroll in ACA must have a transcript that has been kept by a professional organization or group.  For example, ABekaHomeSchool and “School of Tomorrow” are acceptable groups that will be accepted.  No “homemade” transcripts will be accepted.

Student admission is conditional.  All new students are admitted on probation for the first six weeks.  If a student fails to make progress adjusting to our program, parents should find a school better suited for that student.


Amory Christian Academy (ACA) accepts students regardless of race, sex, or national origin